Important Message: START OF TERM 3, 2015
ALL boarders must return to Grant House by 17h00 on Sunday 19 July 2015


At present Graeme College caters for just over 600 boys from Grade R to Grade 12, as well as offering an Enrichment Year.
It offers its students the rare opportunity of beginning and completing the first 12 years of their education in the same setting. This structure has resulted in a unique atmosphere at the school.
Graeme College has developed into a close-knit "family" school which has grown and flourished with the "new" South Africa, combining modern educational trends with the standards, values and traditions built up during an existence now spanning three centuries.
With the exception of the Foundation Phase (Grades 1, 2 and 3), there are two classes per grade.
We use excursions and outdoor education as a means of fostering a spirit of cooperation and tolerance within the grades and consequently each group from Grade 4 upwards is expected to embark on one major expedition per year. Emphasis is laid on commitment, hard work, involvement, sportsmanship and the positive development of all who pass through its doors. The College's motto ‚ÄúVirtute et Opera‚ÄĚ (through courage and hard work) is the cornerstone of all activities.
We also attempt to foster an atmosphere where respect for the rights of the individual are paramount, while encouraging the individual to appreciate that he has certain duties and obligations to the society of which he is part.

School Terms

  • Term 1: 20 January - 01 April 2015
  • Term 2: 13 April - 26 June 2015
  • Term 3: 20 July - 02 October 2015
  • Term 4: 12 October - 09 December 2015

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School Hours

Official school hours are from 07h30 to 13h30 each day, although the school is open from 07h00 to 17h00. The busy extra-curriculum programme takes up the weekday afternoons and, on occasion, the evenings as well (e.g. Prize-Giving, swimming galas, etc.) while the vast majority of sports matches are held on Saturday mornings or afternoons. We expect the boys to participate in the extra-curricular programme and to support their friends and other teams in their efforts.

Prize Giving

This ceremony recognizes and rewards those pupils who have achieved academically or in other aspects of school life. The entire school (Grade 4 - 12) attends this important function. The Foundation Phase (Grade 1 - 3) has it's own special and delightful Prize-Giving near the end of Term 4 which the Junior School attends.

Founders' Weekend

Once a year, in March, the school commemorates its founding with a programme of activities which is followed by the annual get-together of the Old Graemian Union members.
An important aspect is the Founders' Weekend Memorial Service. Rich in tradition, it is held on the Friday, where pupils, parents, Old Boys and friends of the School remember those who were instrumental in the establishment of the school and who contributed to its growth, as well as past pupils who gave their lives on active service.
Click here to view some photo's of the 2013 Founders' Weekend.

Archives Room

As a result of its rich past, the school has established an archives room which houses items of history and other interesting memorabilia of the school. All visitors to the school are most welcome to spend time in this venue.

The Graemian Centre

Being a "family" school, Graeme has established the very successful and functional Graemian Centre. As its name suggests, it is the meeting place of boys, staff, parents, Old Boys and friends of the school. The Centre is open each day until 15h00. It provides a relaxed atmosphere and serves light refreshments for the boys at breaks, over the lunch period or in the afternoon for those boys who are involved in school activities. It is also available and used extensively for functions of various forms. Part of the Graemian Centre is used as the Old Graemian functions room which forms the focal point of the Old Graemian Centre Union.

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